Winter Light

Jeff Greinke

Winter Light


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About Winter Light


1   Ascent

2   Lament

3   Moving to Malaysia

4   Deep Inside

5   The Long Road Home

6   Under the Pagoda

7   The Conversation

8   Across the Great Basin

9   Orographic

10   Mountain in the Clouds

Winter Light is the first release from texturalist Jeff Greinke on the Lotuspike record label.

Persistently evolving his use of sound, Jeff is never one to settle for a particular style or to retread familiar territory. For this most recent body of work, he retreats to a remote, wintry landscape. Alternately distant and inviting, Winter Light is a body of work that captures elements of baroque chamber music, infused with Greinke’s own unmistakable sense of texture and visual suggestion.

Winter Light consists of mixed instrumentation, samples and electronics. Balanced between a study in classical chamber composition and ethereal ambience, Winter Light evokes a distant, icy, and occasionally somber landscape, peppered with the visages of some long sought after memory.


The music of Jeff Greinke has always been about creating mood. To this end, his early works were comprised of a complex arrangement of drones and pads that often approached the atonal. As his compositions became more sophisticated, so did his musicianship and that which he expressed through it. On Winter Light (54'41’), Greinke continues to create a mood, but the atmosphere is conveyed less in terms of timbre than through melody, harmony and pacing. Writing uniquely structured pieces for synthesized chamber ensemble, Greinke navigates between tundral gloom, Ambient noir and arctic brilliance. Although the tones on Winter Light are bright, crisp and clear, the feel is often melancholic and confidently cold. Beautiful, stark spaces are opened and then filled with enchanting and elegant sounds. It is the longing for springtime made audible.

- Chuck van Zyl, Star's End

Like his Soundtracks CD, Jeff Greinke again shows his softer side on Winter Light, a collection of quiet pieces with a new age bent. Piano and gentle synthesizers emphasize bells, strings, and other delicate sounds. The mood is sometimes brighter, as on ‘Moving to Malaysia,’ with its bells, piano and pizzicato strings, or the faraway pensive tones of ‘Under the Pagoda.’ At other times the tendency is toward melancholy tunes such as ‘Lament.’ In either case, the pieces retain a shade of grey throughout, befitting the winter theme and matching the monochromatic cover art. Strains of something like oboe dominate ‘Deep Inside,’ along with plucked notes like an upright bass. ‘The Long Road Home’ is sparse, reverberant bass tones alongside strings, piano, and a few synth textures for atmosphere. ‘The Conversation’ is similar, with the piano just off in the distance, the strings a bit darker. You can hear the care put into each selection, like a collection of related short stories. Oboes add a sense of majesty to ‘Across the Great Basin,’ though without great fanfare, as rhythm is pretty much absent throughout. One of my favorites is ‘Orographic,’ with surprisingly playful piano and a silky smooth synth that plays like an angelic choir. This CD is great for curling up on cold winter nights.

- Phil Derby, Electroambient Space

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