Erik Wøllo

Wind Journey (special remastered edition)


1   Beginning

2   Wind Journey 1

3   Blue Moon

4   Dream Lines

5   Going North

6   Awakening

7   Insula

8   Wind Journey 2

9   Sea

10   Open Land

11   Spring Poem

12   Rain

13   Distant View

14   Huldra 2

15   Early Autmn

16   Frost

17   Winter Shine

18   Winter Lake

19   Passage Of Time

20   Destination

21   Aurora Borealis

22   Cloudscapes

23   Home

Remastered in 24-bit clarity from the original mixes, Erik Wøllo‘s out of print classic, Wind Journey, is now available as a special remastered edition download-only release. With a depth and clarity superior to the original version, this remastered edition of Wind Journey sounds better than ever.

This ninth solo album is a milestone release for Erik Wollo, representing a seminal moment in his recording career. Anchored by the ten-part “Seasons Suite,” the album is built on Wollo’s trademark strong themes and moody vignettes, but on Wind Journey the Norwegian composer’s songwriting skills ascend to a another level, showcasing for the first time a melodic maturity and dazzling dramatic intensity that lifts his music to stratospheric new heights.

With its heroic guitars, cinematic synth orchestrations, and impeccable use of percussion, Wind Journey successfully integrates elements of pop, rock, classical, and electronic-ambient into a dynamic, emotional, and spectacular sonic expedition.

A must-have album for all who love ambient electronic music, Wind Journey is an essential release from a pivotal point in Erik Wøllo’s musical career.