Craig Padilla / Zero Ohms

When The Earth Is Far Away


1   When The Earth Is Far Away

2   Timelessness

3   Strange Storms

4   Blue Distance

5   Dream Travel

6   Terraforming

Imagine traveling through a solitary and vast expanse; a distant sojourn into the farthest reaches of space, searching for another planet to eventually inhabit. That is the sound and story of When The Earth Is Far Away, the third collaboration from synthesist Craig Padilla and flute master Zero Ohms. Hailing from opposite sides of a continent, the two veteran musicians have crafted a dreamlike tapestry of organic space music, showcasing a skillfully executed amalgamation of analog and digital synths, various wind instruments, field recordings and subtle electronics, that seems to suspend the perception of time.

Blended to perfection, the music on When The Earth Is Far Away has such an organic feel to it that it becomes difficult to tell where the synths end and the flutes begin. Craig Padilla explains, “I think the unique combination of electronic synthesizers and acoustic wind-instruments creates a hauntingly beautiful and dream-like aural soundscape.” Indeed, the sound sources and individual instruments disappear deep into the spacescapes, and all that remains is the music. Padilla continues, “The music creates a warm, cosmic, floating atmosphere with slow-moving organic waves of sound. It’s spacemusic with a sense of drifting on a sea of timelessness from beginning to end.”

Their unified sound is the result of a collaborative process that these two artists have developed over years of working together. Zero Ohms’ Richard Roberts explains, “The process is somewhat unique in that Craig and I both manipulated each others’ tracks instead of the usual ‘hands off the other guy’s tracks’ attitude common in most collaborations. This resulted in pieces that had a fresh sound and an innovative feel to them, performances with real heart and soul.”

The colossal expanse of deep space, the loneliness of the journey, the marvels of the cosmos; all of these things, filtered and expressed through the emotions of wonder and awe that they evoke, bring an honest purity to this album. Whether the epic journey through space that inspires this music is a possible reality or just a dream for the future, When The Earth Is Far Away pays tribute to the age-old feeling that we — the human race — as a manifest destiny, belong in the stars…to the stars.