Robert Rich

What We Left Behind


1   Profligate Earth

2   Raku

3   Voice of Rust

4   Soft Rains Fall

5   Rhizome

6   Transpiration

7   Corvid Collections

8   Aerial on Warm Seas

9   Never Hunger

10   After Us

11   What We Left Behind

12   Meeting Face to Face

On this 2016 release, Robert Rich envisions a recurring dream of the earth long after we are gone, a shamanic flight on black-feathered wings to overlook what could have been, lush and thriving in our absence.


I dreamt of the earth after us,
As mountains erode and time helps the cities crumble.
So easy to think that the earth revolves around us,
That after us, the planet stops.
We who can change the weather.

When we make our world so inhospitable we can’t survive,
Life crawls blindly forward,
Consciousness revives, organisms organize.
Cells of the earth join together to create new minds.

Small lives build new worlds,
Cast a net across the surface and through layers below,
Constant construction, destruction, erosion, rebuilding.
After us, on a scaffolding of rust and ashes, salt and sand,

Digesting through it, stumbling numbly,
Vagabond life picks through the detritus and continues unconcerned.
Profligate Earth pays no mind to the foibles of her creation.
She scatters choices for those who can still choose.