Spotted Peccary Artists

29 – free ambient electronic sampler


1   Michael Allison - First Light

2   Green Isac Orchestra - Emmesity

3   Erik Wøllo - Dream Convert

4   Time Being - Farther Worlds

5   Chronotope Project - The Scent of Evening Flowers

6   Deborah Martin - Metamorphic

7   Howard Givens & Craig Padilla - Awakened Conciousness

8   Frore & Shane Morris - Orison

9   Numina & Zero Ohms - A Day Without Time

10   Paul Ellis - The Stained Glass Observatory

11   Deborah Martin - Before Dawn

This compilation features tracks from Spotted Peccary’s 29th year in existence.

From deep drone, to chillout, to high energy beats, Spotted Peccary and it’s label imprints traverse the worlds of Ambient Electronic, Classic Berlin-School, Etherial Atmospheric, Spacemusic, Rock, Pure Acoustic and more; all with only one goal in mind — releasing outstanding music that transcends any boundaries previously imposed by these genres.