Madhavi Devi

The Truth Of Being


1   Translucence Reflected

2   Jade Breeze

3   Cloudbreak On Ilsa

4   Breakthrough

5   Inner Vision – Cave Of Light

6   Luminescent Hue

Madhavi Devi‘s first solo album on the Spotted Peccary label, THE TRUTH OF BEING, is a heartfelt musical reflection upon the cathartic experience of self-discovery. Drawing from her multi-faceted explorations as both a visual and musical artist, Madhavi Devi (Cheryl Gallagher) delivers a visionary album rich with musical meditations that blur the line between the tranquility of inner peace and the thrill of discovering unexplored personal realms.

The captivating combination of instruments includes an elegant blend of digital, analog, modular and software synthesizers, concert grand and electric harps, viola, ambient guitar, and Tibetan bowls. The result is a meaningful journey through lush sensual textures and heart-opening phrases that paint powerful scenes of exquisite space and expansive beauty. 

The music breathes naturally between spatial ambient passages and more focused rhythmic structures. Melodic suggestions overlay and interface with ethnic and ceremonial undertones, while sounds of nature provide sonic touchstones to ground the listener within the album’s sweeping etherium. 

Joined by special guests Howard Givens (ambient electric guitar, modular synthesizers, effects) and Stephanie Britten Phillips (Viola), Madhavi Devi journeys into the realm of the collective consciousness that unifies all, sharing space and time in a lush and complex field of mystery and revelation.