Markus Reuter



1   The Key To Conscience

2   Preparation

3   3–4 Days Before The Echo

4   No Part Of Me Could Summon A Voice

5   A Prospect That Is Simple

6   Beat

7   Oneness To Deceive

8   Number Of The Mind

The psychoactive work Trepanation is Markus Reuter‘s 6th solo album, and his second release on a US label.

Alternately dense and sparse, disturbing and serene, Trepanation consists of tonal instrumental foundations into which half-heard voices and field recordings are embedded in order to evoke the disconnected floating sensation of the subconscious state.

The word “trepanation” refers to the now-abandoned practice of removing a piece of the skull to relieve pressure on the brain. This practice was used to treat a number of psychological conditions. Markus initially visualized the music on this release being a less invasive method of achieving similar goals.

Echoing chords and voices half-heard contribute to the dreamlike state induced by Trepanation. At times dense, others sparse; at times disturbing and others serene, Markus Reuter lays a tonal foundation over which partially-intelligible voices and other effects contribute to the disconnected floating atmosphere of the subconscious state.

Trepanation shimmers with masterfully crafted layers and contrast, combining soft atmospheres and pulsing rhythmic guitar textures, while still sounding quite different than other releases created in a similar vein.