Spotted Peccary Artists

30 – free ambient electronic sampler


1   Dean De Benedictis - To The Ends Of Elation

2   Rudy Adrian - Mists From The Sea

3   Craig Padilla - Stonington Moon

4   Csillagköd - Long Far Distant

5   Weingarten Charlton - Comfort In Silence

6   DeeperNET - Mystic Division

7   Matthew Stewart - Aftermath

8   Chronotope Project - Solaris

9   Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi - Connected Space

10   Sverre Knut Johansen - Awakening

11   Darshan Ambient - At Last... Freedom

12   John Gregorius - The Dance

This compilation features tracks from Spotted Peccary’s 30th year in existence.

From deep drone, to chillout, to high energy beats, Spotted Peccary and it’s label imprints traverse the worlds of Ambient Electronic, Classic Berlin-School, Etherial Atmospheric, Spacemusic, Rock, Pure Acoustic and more; all with only one goal in mind — releasing outstanding music that transcends any boundaries previously imposed by these genres.