Spotted Peccary Artists

32 – free ambient electronic sampler


1   Erik Wøllo - The Sea / Open Land / Spring Poem

2   Sverre Knut Johansen (with David Helpling) - Space And Time

3   Madhavi Devi - Translucence Reflected

4   Chris Russell - Varuna

5   Numina - Intergalactic Traveller

6   Chronotope Project - Homage To The Three Jewels

7   Jeff Greinke - Rain, Then Snow

8   J. Arif Verner - Hermetica

Enjoy 60 minutes of music on this FREE ambient electronic sampler

This sampler features a track from each of the eight albums that were released during Spotted Peccary’s 32nd year in existence. Carefully chosen and thoughtfully sequenced into an album-length journey, the eight tracks move through a sublime 62-minute listening experience meant to be enjoyed over and over again.

Since the mid-1980’s the Spotted Peccary record label has remained focused on deep, vast and immersive soundscapes. From deep drone, to chillout, to high energy beats, Spotted Peccary continues to traverse the worlds of Ambient Electronic, Classic Berlin-School, Etherial Atmospheric, Spacemusic, Rock, Pure Acoustic and more; all with only one goal in mind — releasing outstanding music that transcends any boundaries previously imposed by these genres.