Darshan Ambient

The Zen Master’s Diary


1   Evidence Of Light

2   Night Shot of Earth

3   Quieter Still

4   Drawing Water

5   Wanting

6   It Has Begun

7   Bless You

8   The Rightness Of Things

9   The Zen Master's Diary

Recorded February-May 2002
Oakland, California

“The music on The Zen Master’s Diary is so suffused with calm and patience that it’s like bathing in warm water under a starry sky. You’ll feel yourself start to float away, not in a literal sense, but in the sense of having your cares lifted from you, as if they were tangible garments. I have a difficult time describing the emotional reaction I have to Allison’s music with any lucidity because, to me, this is intensely personal music, meant to be shared only with those whom one loves.” ~ Bill Binkleman, Wind and Wire