Paul Ellis

The Sacred Ordinary


1   Icon

2   Shining

3   The Sacred Ordinary

4   Blue Heron

5   The Still Center of a Turning World

6   Presence

7   Cascade

8   After All

9   Turning Towards the Sun

10   Slowly Beating Wings

Somewhere at the intersection of ambient synthscapes and entrancing sequences lies The Sacred Ordinary. This is dramatic electronic music, well paced and with ever-changing sequences that feel like gentle showers brushing over the listener’s body. Ellis is careful to intersperse the track with many random tones and sounds to keep the listener actively involved; it’s a strength that prevents the sequencing from getting too repetitive. The sequences and synthwork here are top notch and sure to please any fan of modern synthesis. The Sacred Ordinary is a very entertaining and diverse work that often manages to transcend the boundaries of its genre as it attempts to reach ever higher into the stratosphere.