Erik Wøllo

The Nocturnes (ep)


1   Nocturne 1

2   Nocturne 2

3   Nocturne 3

4   Nocturne 4

5   Nocturne 5

6   Nocturne 6

The Nocturnes is a mini album of never-before-commercially-released material though four of the movements have been heard on Erik Wøllo’s Myspace page, each gaining over 50,000 listens. All six parts are remixed, edited and extended, available for the first time as digital downloads.

This music is inspired by the moods of the nordic nights in Norway where Erik lives: tranquil, expressive and lyrical. Even sometimes gloomy. The album contains a wide variety of moods from quiet slow ambient drones to more light and lively parts. Erik Wøllo’s typical signature melodies hover over contrasting sections of arpeggiated, eerie, blurred cluster-chords and dark floating backgrounds drones. These 6 short pieces form a unique suite of unity, all with beautiful arrangements and a wide spectrum of colors in harmony.

The image for the cover is of a special plant that grows in Norway called “Nøkkerose.” It is the flower of the water spirit and grows in deep and silent lakes.

The instruments are all played by Erik Wøllo and are arranged with layers of electric guitars, piano, synths and percussion elements. Recorded at Wintergarden Studio 2005, remixed and edited 2012.
Composed, Performed and Produced Erik Wollo