The Network


1   Cracking the Code

2   Vision Quest

3   Hearts On Fire

4   Satori

5   Mystic Division

6   Quadraphilia

7   The Network

8   Fabrics Of The Subconscious

DeeperNET navigates an elaborate web of sonic energy on THE NETWORK. A neuro-fabric of alien and outlandish worlds collide with elements of mid-tempo goa trance, techno, and the deep lush spaces of organic ambient music. This brilliantly choreographed work pulls you in one end and rapidly out the other through a network of digital dreams and analog vibrations.

Within THE NETWORK, blissful moments of ecstasy coexist with others, dark and deranged, as these sonic pathways lead the listener far and deep into altered states of an abstract reality. Exploring the downtempo nature of electronic music, DeeperNET micro-examines the