Johan Agebjörn

The Mountain Lake


1   Spacer Woman From Mars (w/Sally Shapiro) - Ambient

2   Amylium Casparium (w/Neon Coil)

3   Underworld Mumble 1

4   The Stones Are Blasted

5   Spiral Staircase

6   Underworld Mumble 2

7   Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon - Original Casio

8   Zero Gravitation

9   Take Me Home (w/Sylwia van der Wonderland)

10   The Chameleon (w/Glass Candy)

11   Last Tram to Comet Square

12   Love Ray

13   Siberian Train - Steve Moore Remix

The Mountain Lake is Johan Agebjörn’s second release on the Lotuspike Label. The album is comprised of thirteen tracks of compelling, spaced-out electronica that express Agebjorn’s fondness of ambient soundscapes, 80’s italo disco music, drum machines, science fiction movies, Buddhism and the Swedish landscape.

The Mountain Lake features collaborations with familiar partners Sally Shapiro and Lisa Barra, as well as Glass Candy, NeonCoil, Sylwia van der Wonderland and remix guru Steve Moore. Johan’s masterful blend of ambience and rhythmic electronics bring the listener enthusiastically along on this sonic journey.