David Helpling / Jon Jenkins

The Crossing

WINNER - ZMR Music Award - "Best Electronic Album of the Year"
WINNER - ZMR Music Award - "Best Ambient Album of the Year"
WINNER - ZMR Music Award - "Best Cover Art"
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1   Awake

2   Two Paths

3   From The Smallest Seed

4   The Same Sky

5   The Crossing

6   Above All

7   For The Fallen

8   The Lesson

9   To The Ends Of The Earth

10   Not Forgotten

11   Lifted

Following the release of their first collaboration, Treasure, David Helpling and Jon Jenkins spent the next two years in the depths of deep exile studio, carefully crafting The Crossing. With this second collaboration, Helpling and Jenkins embark on a fresh sonic expedition – a cinematic, powerful and deeply melodic triumph that lifts their music to new heights.

The Crossing is a project which ignores current trends in ambient and electronic music, and Helpling and Jenkins are fearless in their pursuit of the lush and monumental sound that dominates their artistic vision. All the essentials for an epic journey are here: compelling and expansive multi-layered drum elements contrasted by alluring yet elusive textures, strong melodies appearing over powerful percussion, synths and guitars, all of which give way to vast spaces of deep and mystifying ambience. From grand melodic vistas to enveloping sonic clouds of textural mystery, The Crossing leads the listener to the ends of the earth…and beyond.