Robert Rich

Tactile Ground


1   The Sentience of Touch

2   Eroding Columns

3   Shrouded Lattice

4   A Skein for Skin

5   The Abiding Wheel

6   Language of Breezes

7   Radiant Groundlines

8   Haptic Incursions

9   Glassmaker’s Sand

10   Senescent Architecture

11   Heat Island Effect

12   Dominion of Microns

13   Tentative Unfolding

14   Elevations

15   Meridian Respiration

“I focused most of 2018 investigating ideas surrounding my new album. I started by asking questions about tactile synesthesia, as I have long used touch and texture as a metaphor when I work with sound. This led me to start painting again, trying to find a visual abstract language that echoed the way I feel sound on my skin. This led to a double CD release. Both discs are quite deep and atmospheric, each with a continuous flow of sound: the first one more naturalistic and gentle, the second more abstract and shadowy. I suspect “Tactile Ground” will find its core audience with those who like my slower, more introverted work.”  -Robert Rich

Can we find a tactile ground, an animal surface upon which to calibrate our humanity?

Skin telegraphs sensation from air,
filtered from distant worlds.
Language constricts our sense of self
to an illusion of separation.
The verb of living, flux and transmutation,
expands outward from the middle,
concentric ripples on a pond.
We drop through the surface,
pebbles tossed from the shore.