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About Sorcerer


1   The Little Smoke

2   Flyers: The Landing Of Inorganic Life

3   Portal

4   Between Parallel Lines

5   Journey To The Underworld

6   The Realm of Magical Beings

7   Sendero

8   The Eagle's Emanations

9   Humito Final

10   Cicharisca: Finding the Path With Heart

Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger plunge to undiscovered depths in this profound and surreal tribute to the late author Carlos Castaneda. Masterfully crafted soundfields, realized from the deepest recesses of Human awareness, shift the listener into a state of dreaming, and breathe life into an incredible world of power and knowledge. Not for the casual listener, this is the world of Don Juan with all of its magic and intensity.


Sorcerer’, Michael Stearns’ fourth album in 2000, is a concept album made in collaboration with Ron Sunsinger (’Kiva’ and ‘Singing Stones’).
The cd is dedicated to the surrealistic works of the late writer Carlos Castaneda, and is different from the regular releases of Spotted Peccary Music.

‘Sorcerer’ enters a dense, highly atmospheric world of dark ambient soundfields, characterized by powerful effects and experimental environmentals, which are particularly featured on the Stearns-tracks.

Things turn overall tribal on the Sunsinger-track ‘Journey to the Underworld’ while the quiet soundscapes of ‘The Realm of Magical Beings’ is the most accessible track to be found here.
This cinematic, at times ominous and nerve-racking psychedelic ambience breaths a hidden power that’s not always that easy to endure. It even might do well as a sonic companion to Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ book series.

The well produced and mastered ‘Sorcerer’contains mysterious sonic scenery that only die-hard ambient fans will appreciate.

- Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

This album is the result of a wonderful collaboration between Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger. Created to honor Carlos Castaneda, and his work, the music constitutes a perfect soundtrack for the title of the CD (or rather ‘The Voyage of The Sorcerer’), thus creating an aura of mystery, at times with dark, disquieting soundscapes, at times with ethereal sounds that seem to come from Beyond, all that using all the resources provided by electronic technology together with what appears to be ethnic touches, percussive rhythms and peculiar sound effects, so as to create a world of sound almost cosmic in nature, and certainly transcendental as well. In all, ten tracks that will not deceive the followers of this musical genre.

- Arielle Malreaux, Amazing Sounds

After six years without any new recordings, pioneering ambient artist Michael Stearns has unleashed a torrent of music with three releases and this CD with Ron Sunsinger. In a way, Sorcerer is an extension of their 1994 album, Singing Stones, but Sorcerer is an even more abstract and experimental work. Inspired by the spiritual writings of Carlos Castaneda, Stearns and Sunsinger create a dark and perilous world.

On an album that's more sound design than music, they mix electric and acoustic sounds from prepared guitar to bowed metal with environmental recordings. Electronically processed, reversed, and otherwise distorted, they emerge with a surrealism that makes Dali seem like a hardcore realist painter. There are no rhythms to grab onto and no melodies to speak of until the very last track, when Peruvian shaman Don Augustine Rivas sings an Ayahuasca Icarro song. Until that respite, it's a tableau of demonic groans, shuddering metal on metal, and turbulent free falls, all orchestrated into a shifting, enveloping, and precarious soundscape.

- John Diliberto,

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