Craig Padilla



1   In Search Of Stranger Fish

2   Velvet Moon

3   Cosmic Dawn

4   Challenger Deep

5   Behind The Lightning

6   Sonar

7   Awaken To A Dream

Craig Padilla’s vinyl double LP released on Fruits de Mer records in 2014.

Sonar is a compilation of recordings by Craig from 1996 onwards, none of which have appeared on CD or vinyl before.  Although they span nearly 20 years of recordings, Craig selected them to provide a consistent feel across four sides of listening – music influenced by the kosmische sounds of the 70s, but fed through 21st century equipment. Immerse yourself.

“I have always been fascinated by vinyl records as a way to listen to music. The fact that a piece of plastic with grooves can spin against a needle and play sounds that are so pure and warm simply amazes me to this day. There is a great physical and spiritual connection to the music on a record; there’s even a certain scent to the vinyl and paperwork of an album that I enjoy. I have more memories of certain songs and albums because of this physical connection that I don’t get with digital media. Since much of my music is inspired by the electronic music records of the 1970’s and 80’s and is recorded using analog equipment, I’ve always felt that it would be a perfect fit for it to be released on vinyl.” -Craig Padilla