Erik Wøllo

Silver Beach (Remastered Edition)


1   Four

2   Panorama

3   The Open Room

4   Journey

5   The Emeralds

6   Crystal - Ice

7   Dark Eyed Drums

8   Silver Beach

9   Little Big Tune

10   Mountain Train

11   Recitation

12   Chime

13   Wintergarden Ethereal

14   Lakeside

15   Sequenza

This is a digital-only re-release of a classic electronic album from the eighties that hasn’t been available for some time. Silver Beach is Erik Wollo’s most rhythmic album consisting of fifteen intense and stunning tracks from his early career. At the time, Electronic music was still in its early stages, and the MIDI revolution had just started to influence the way artists made music.

The original Silver Beach album (tracks 1-8) was released on vinyl on the Norwegian label Cicada Records in 1986. In 1988 the album was released on CD (also Cicada) and included the additional and very rhythmical tracks “Little Big Tune” and “Mountain Train.” The album was re-released on CD on the Spanish label Margen Records in 2005, remastered and fine-tuned with 5 additional previously unreleased tracks from the same era.

Silver Beach is my fourth album and represented a new direction in my career. More rhythmic sequenced and groove oriented than what I previously had done, this is my rock album! Originally, most of this music was composed when I was living in a very small flat in the center of Oslo, Norway. I remember I had the studio in a corner of the living room. Like Traces (my second album from 1985), all music was electronic and made using the latest MIDI technology at that time. Everything was composed and recorded on the now vintage Roland MSQ700, and all the diverse synths and rack modules were mixed directly down to 2 track analog tape (no multitrack tape was used).

When I remastered the album I tried to keep the spirit of the originals. Yet at the same time I wanted to add certain details to make it more complete. All my albums represents a certain chapter in my life. In many ways the music reflects how to live in a particular time. Different musical styles come and go, but I have always tried to find my own way.

Silver Beach has not been available for some time. But this album does seem to refuse to die! A lot of people have asked for it, and where to get it. This inspired me to make a new and updated version. Here it is again. Enjoy!
– Erik Wøllo, Norway, November 2013