Silent World


1   The Communication System between Civilizations of the Universe

2   Empty Galaxies

3   The Birth of the Solar System

4   Water from Another Planet

5   Kettőscsillag

6   Nap

7   Silent World

8   Az Univerzum Széle Felé

Silent World is the deep space inspired, ambient electronic exploration from Transylvania-based soundscape artist Csillagköd (the Hungarian word for “nebula”).  Remote dissonance, amorphous sound textures, and other-worldly melodies create an atmosphere of contemplative tranquility on this astro-sonic journey that expands on the great traditions of true space music, resulting in a deep and  profound listening experience.  From the mysteries of the unfathomable void, to the sublime tranquility of celestial wonders, Silent World is a deep introspection into the realm of dark and light, death and rebirth, creation and destruction; a timeless, boundless, hypnotic voyage through the universe.