Paul Ellis

Silent Conversations


1   The Only Known Photograph of God

2   Trillium

3   Peripheral Vision

4   The Wind-Up Synthesizers of the Glass Reich

5   Trance Figure

6   Continental Drift

7   The Dumb Angel's Periscope

8   Silent Conversations

9   Dialing In The Sun

The nine tracks on this release display Ellis’ impeccable sonic sense and an incredible facility with his instruments. The building momentum of the rhythmic sections resolve into big-sounding, fast moving tributes to sheer synthesizer power, while the title track is tender and more poetic, and offers a beautiful space for reflection. Ellis commands a striking range of electronic color and texture.

Paul Ellis understands that his purpose as an artist is to envision and communicate, and Silent Conversations is an episodic travelogue through the advanced magic of his animated musical imagination.