Return To The Dreamtime

Steve Roach

Return To The Dreamtime


Double album – 2 CDs worth of music

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1   Towards the Dream (2018)

2   The Continent (2018)

3   Songline (2018)

4   The Ancients' Way (2018)

5   Magnificent Gallery (2018)

6   A Circular Ceremony (2018)

7   Looking for Safety (2018)

8   Towards the Continuum

9   After the Return

Return To the Dreamtime – 30 years deeper

Day and night for several months leading up to the February 2018 Return To The Dreamtime premier concert weekend I traveled deep into the essence of where this music lives in my being. Initiated by the process of immersing in the 30th-year remastering of Dreamtime Return, this inspired the desire to expand upon and present this music live for the first time since the early 90’s.

The pragmatic work began with excavating the archived sounds, samples, and location recordings I created for this project in 1987/88. The sources were still cataloged and stored in my studio, having traveled with me though many moves and different Timeroom locations over the years.

All of the essential sounds and samples were still in working order on 512 kb floppy disks and 80s-era hard drives for the Emu samplers. The original analog synth patches have continuously lived in my Oberheim Xpander as well. The technical side was just one part of the process in the reconnection to this pivotal time.

The live-in-a-studio-like environment of Solar Culture’s Galactic Center was essential in this recording; the energy of the packed in-house audience combined with the worldwide listeners tuning into SomaFM’s live broadcast supercharged the atmosphere of the space and momentum into this moment.

As these portals to the Dreamtime experience were opened, memories and tactile sensations of my time in Australia along with the epiphanies from then into now flooded my creative consciousness, placing me directly into this realm of a return within the Return.

Steve Roach
June 2018

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