Quiet Glow

Chad Hoefler

Quiet Glow


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About Quiet Glow


1   Incipience Electric

2   Radiant Blue

3   Shadowshine

4   Bending Chromatic Light

5   Luminary

6   Star Shroud

7   Snow Fire

8   A Vernal Glimpse

Chad Hoefler’s Quiet Glow is baroque sonic alchemy with icy overtones. Refined and robust, the music on Quiet Glow challenges and engages the listener. This sophisticated body of work is definitely not to be missed by fans of exploratory electronic music. Quiet Glow was mixed and mastered by electronic music veteran, Robert Rich.


I have discovered Chad Hoefler's music only several years ago when hearing unforgettable "Radiant Blue" track on Lotuspike podcast. It left me immediately breathless and I knew I want to explore as soon as possible the sounds of this, for me, unknown artist. Yes, when it goes to minimal cold ambience, "Quiet Glow" is in my ears certainly one of the best choices!!! The album kicks off quite stealthy with slow-motion freezing and sparse futuristic sonics "Incipience Electric". Slow pulses of "Radiant Blue" gradually unfold into gorgeously emerging charm washes that later again slowly fade away. Even if this piece is filled with coldness and simplicity, the overall effect is enormously effective and attractive with perfectly resisted minimal icy sounds and evolving warm drifts. Absolutely magnificent, this track gets my vote for The Ambient Hall Of Fame!!! Slowed-down high-tech soundscapes on "Shadowshine" are hauntingly beautiful too, definitely another amazing piece! Just like "Bending Chromatic Light" that reveals more ethereal soundwaves with deeply tranquil effect. This effect overlaps into the next composition, "Luminary", another piece delicately merging slowed-down mechanical beats and warm flows. Static silence on "Star Shroud" traverses later into sublime and melancholic aerial territories, a truly graceful journey! The next one, a peacefully floating "Snow Fire", expands into more active futuristic arrangements, beautifully hypnotic composition! This atmospheric bliss continues also on the shorter outro, "A Vernal Glimpse", with nostalgic and cinematic feel. "Quiet Glow", with giant Robert Rich on the mixing and mastering duties, is strongly recommended album to all aficionados of icy high-tech minimal ambience. Mastefully beautiful work, Chad!!! And even if released back in 2005 already, I really hope "Quiet Glow" is not the final sonic statement of this, in Pennsylvania based, highly talented sound researcher and Assistant Professor of Biology at The Arcadia University.

- Richard Guertler, Relaxed Machinery

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