Craig Padilla / Zero Ohms

Path Of Least Resistance


1   Leaving This Shadow Of Heaven

2   The Everything That Is No Thing

3   Hollow Dreams Of Worlds Passed

4   Realizing The Infinite

5   Frequencies [Of Life]

6   The One

7   Path of Least Resistance

Craig Padilla and Zero Ohms both have successful independent careers as ambient musicians, but this CD marks their first collaboration… and the result is very nice.

Path of Least Resistance combines melodic flute and synth melodies with soaring, pulsing, sweeping soundcapes for a mesmerizing sonic experience. This CD has been worked, reworked, polished and primed by the artists and the care in it’s creation shines through! Path of Least Resistance will be one for every space music and ambient aficionado’s CD collection.