Green Isac



1   Ormen Lange

2   Particle Talk

3   Commandante

4   Passengers

5   Palomatronics

6   CSA

7   Gepra

8   Fisher

9   Zakopane

10   Na Tariko

11   Recycle

12   1034

The celebrated Norwegian ethno-electronic sound-sculpting duo Green Isac (Andreas Eriksen & Morten Lund) is back with their first full length release in 10 years – PASSENGERS, a groovy minimalist ambient recording, packed with melodic hooks and driven by a heavy dose of world-flavored percussion.

A completely realized triptych combining three shorter works, Backwaters, Kites, and Larynx – EP’s which were previously only available on iTunes – PASSENGERS is an irresistible blend of electronic and ethnic soundscapes that meet at the crossroads of global percussion and electronic soundworlds.

“Even though it was planned from the beginning to release all the tracks as a complete album, the process of working in smaller segments has been a little different than the making of our previous albums,” explains Eriksen.

“The idea of making smaller units – the EP’s – was a kind of inspiration when we started out this project,” adds Lund, “but when listening to the complete album it’s not obvious which track is from which ep, and that was our hope, so we are quite pleased.”

This stylistic consistency that runs through the album is mainly due to the imaginative creativity of Green Isac’s sound, and PASSENGERS shows the innovative duo continuing to expand on the Afro-influenced electronic approach they have pioneered for well over two decades, producing an organically fresh neo-IDM vibe; an innovative and vibrant sound that is original and ageless all at once.

With the pieces in place and the mesmerizing picture finally complete, PASSENEGERS transports listeners across a virtual trans-continental soundscape, constantly moving through sublime spaces, exotic melodies, energetic percussion, and otherworldly soundscapes.