Chronotope Project



1   Churning The Ether

2   The Water Of Life

3   Solaris

4   Moontide

5   Passages

Passages is the sixth album by composer Jeffrey Ericson Allen as Chronotope Project, and the second to be released through Spotted Peccary Music. Its five tracks represent various aspects of passage or transformation through the agency of a solitary questing soul, seeking unity in the midst of chaos and impenetrable mystery.

Informed by the language of archetypes and potent literary symbols, it is an extension of the composer’s evolving style of musical storytelling. Allen shares, “Passages emerged during a period of very intense personal introspection, helping me to unearth and illuminate a certain unvoiced longing that lives deep inside me. When inner necessity demands expression, but words fail, only music suffices to bridge this gap.”

Within Passages, rich sonorities combine atmospherics, drones, pads and solo synths, tabla and frame drum, bells and throat singing, and rhythmic sequences, synthesizing the composers vision of sound into reality – all emotively manifested through the use of the expressive, protagonistic voice of the Haken Continuum Fingerboard, a core element of Chronotope Project’s signature sound.

From expansive and effervescent ever-shifting liquid metamorphoses of sound, to brooding Middle-Eastern modal counterpoints, Passages is a potent sonic visage of emotional tonalities that range from a calmly meditative state to a truly hypnotic-ecstatic immersion.