Mark Rownd

Painting Twilight

FINALIST - NAV AWARD - Best Ambient/Space/Electronic Album


1   The First Day

2   Before There Was Rain

3   Earthbody Spiritbody

4   Portrait Of Parting

5   From Somewhere Else

6   At The Edge Of Calm Waters - I

7   Through The Valley Of Shadow

8   Eyes Of Azure

9   At The Edge Of Calm Waters - II

10   A Moment Alone

11   Place Of Grace

12   Storm's Passage

13   Painting Twilight

Drawing on his experience as an abstract painter and his influences from impressionist and expressionist masters, Mark Rownd works his compositions much like art on canvas: he pulls melody and theme forward from background to create depth of field and movement from what might appear still and flat. This sonic palette, so deftly wielded, produces profound vignettes of color and light that transcend many musical boundaries.