1   Elementary Particles

2   Mind at Large

3   Sirens

4   The Eagle Has Landed

5   Tiny Paper Squares

6   Moksha

7   Neptune

8   The Gate

Spotted Peccary Music continues to expand its O3E imprint/sub-label with the release of ONE, the dazzling full-length album debut from DeeperNET.  Blending extreme influences from completely opposite ends of the electronic music spectrum such as Goa, Downtempo, EDM, and Psybient, the album offers well over an hour’s worth of music across eight tracks that fuse more aggressive electronic tones and percussion with the delicate atmospherics of ambient. Intricate rhythms, constantly evolving sequences, and ‘wall of sound’ style electronics propel the listener through a deeper network of cosmic pulses and fluid soundscapes.

Portland, Oregon-based producer/composer Andrew Miles is the sole creative force behind DeeperNET, and his mastery of all aspects of the production process is evident throughout the album.  In-your-face psychedelic electro-acoustics, a judicious and clever use of ambience, creative synth programming and skillful sound design all come together to showcase Miles’ studio chops.

“It’s a heavily sound-design focused, visual experience intended to push you further into the subconscious and open new doors in your mind,” explains Miles.  “It’s all about shutting out reality and letting the sounds take you to strange new places.”  This mind-opening approach to the music is evident in the depth and space of the recording.  A big powerful sound with plenty of ear candy for the mind’s eye, dominated by driving rhythms that give way to moments of space and ambience at just the right times – long enough for the listener to catch their breath before the ride continues.

Even though ONE is DeeperNET’s first full-length release, it comes across as the highly crafted work of a seasoned veteran; skillfully executed and masterfully engineered.  It’s a real roller coaster ride from start to finish with enough sonic thrills to satisfy even the most well versed electronic music aficionado.