Mysterious Motions of Memory

John Flomer's Primal Cinema

Mysterious Motions of Memory


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About Mysterious Motions of Memory


1   Mysterious Motions of Memory

2   The Ha of Myplys Myn

3   A Whisper in Waiting

4   Prelude to Rising Land

5   Isle of Storms

6   Spinner of Dreams

7   Floating the Moons of Hoo

8   Descent of the Hunter Gatherers

9   Some Windows Will

10   Voices of the Dragon

11   And Shadows Make More

Intriguing, imaginative progressions contribute to the theatrical feel of this soundtrack-like concept album by sonic artist John Flomer. Grand themes with flowing melodies and dramatic rhythms that suddenly dissolve into dark, introspective orchestral movements and ambiences, teleport the listener to lands foreign yet strangely familiar.


Mysterious Motions of Memory’, a concept album on genetic memory, is the debut-release of Minneapolis-based ‘visual musician’ John Flomer on the prestigious Spotted Peccary label. To achieve this outcome, John applied a high-tech, synthesizer-based ensemble ‘Primal Cinema’.

The cd, which has some beautiful graphics and cover art, opens and closes with a short track with whispered poem phrases. In total, it contains 45 minutes of dreamy, imaginative and majestic music, in which hints of orchestral and space music can be heard.

At times, it also made me think of the grand music of Richard Burmer, which may be due to the sweeping, dynamic and slightly medieval soundscapes Mr Flomer comes up with. In addition, there’s a lot or drama and adventure to be found within John's well-crafted, highly attractive and cinematic soundworlds.

All in all, ‘Mysterious Motions of Memory’ is a highly recommended, well produced and mastered evocative work or art which merges the beautiful, the mysterious and beyond.
Well done, Mr Flomer!

- Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

Mysterious Motions of Memory is a tour de force of deep symphonic and pastoral new age ambience by John Flomer performing as John Flomer's Primal Cinema. It is on Spotted Peccary Music, and it is an important step in the label's quest to define a modern American sound. Flomer is a talented synthesist and sound designer. He uses nature samples -- sparingly and adroitly -- to enhance the sound design. A gentle acoustic guitar weaves in and out of the soundscape, adding grounding to the atmospheres. Howard Givens and Jon Jenkins -- both Spotted Peccary artists and partners -- assisted Flomer on the mixing board. Givens co-produced the album with Flomer. Flomer's music will appeal to fans of Suzanne Ciani, Jonn Serrie, Kitaro, and Steve Halpern.

- Jim Brenholts,

The idea that memories are actually embedded in genes and passed down
through generations fascinates synthesist John Flomer, who uses the theory
as a basis for this refined and reflective 11-song CD. Subtle motifs infuse
each work, quietly linking the tunes and creating an aural remembrance of
sorts that floats over every composition. The sublime synthesized fanfare of
the complex electronic elegy ‘The Ha of Myplys Myn’ appears early on the
disc and sets the tone for the rest of the collection, as the themes
introduced in this cut reappear as somewhat altered components in many of
the selections that follow. There is a definite cinematic quality to the
music, which is highly appropriate given the ephemeral nature of film, since
much like memory it offers only a fleeting glimpse of past events. The
tracks also recall the atmospheres of Kitaro, another artist who has
actively explored sonic evanescence. Flomer successfully examines this
phenomenon, inventively melding cerebral and fictive sonic elements into a
fascinating and thought-provoking journey that is not soon forgotten.

- Jeff Berkwits, Asterism

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