Paul Ellis

Moth In Flames


1   In Flagrante Delicto

2   Moth in Flames

3   Birds Migrating over the Prison

4   Oh Well, Dear Silence

5   She Walks in Beauty

6   Lights of a Departing Train

7   Coeur De Lion

8   Waves for Durga

9   Stained Glass Observatory

10   Between the Trees; Mount Hood

Electronic music maestro Paul Ellis continues his lifelong exploration into the aesthetics of minimalism, ambient, space music, and the classic sequencer-driven “Berlin school” sound, on his third Spotted Peccary Music release, Moth In Flames. The veteran artist meticulously crafts restrained pulsing electronics that provide the measured momentum to steadily move through a morphing soundscape of classic analog synth moods and atmospheric textures, on his most refined work to date.

As a composer, Paul Ellis has always been deeply inspired by the minimalist and ambient aesthetic as much as by the Germanic pulsing sequencer style pioneered by such legends as Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream.  “Sometimes the music is painted in bright modern lines and shapes with clearly defined melodic and harmonic movement, and sometimes it is expressed through ethereal and abstract geometries floating around you,” Ellis explains.  “I am interested in creating a musical space that has enough musical motion to hold the interest of the listener without arbitrarily changing the mood; a space that mesmerizes with slowly shifting patterns and enough air and tonal color to allow the imagination to freely go where it will.”

Indeed, like a perfectly placed pendulum, the music of Moth In Flames steadily moves through the blurred boundary where melodic and ambient music overlap, pulling from both worlds while never straying too far into either.  Its accessible appeal and expertly produced sonic highlights make Moth In Flames an album which can be listened to deeply, or played over and over again in the background as a continuously looped true ambient experience.