Johan Agebjörn



1   Dulciter Somni

2   The Sound of Snowflakes Touching the Ground

3   Mossebo

4   The Sea

5   Ambient Computer Dance

6   Shoreline

7   Unitas Vitae

8   Putting More Wood in the Fire

9   Siberian Train Part I

10   Siberian Train Part II

11   A New Day Arrives

Acclaimed Swedish electronica producer Johan Agebjörn’s highly-anticipated solo ambient debut, Mossebo, evokes human warmth in a wintry landscape, expertly juxtaposing intimacy and isolation.

Named after the house in which Johan lived while composing and recording the album, Mossebo is a collection of ambient pieces composed between 2004 and 2007; and one additional track that was created in 1996.

Says Agebjörn, “I would describe the tracks as ambient with electro beats, giving the music a rich atmosphere as well as a distinct forward motion in a sci-fi kind of way. If I were to choose three words to describe the music, they would be melancholy, winter, and travel.”

With the stunning wordless vocals of Lisa Barra skillfully winding their way through many of Agebjörn’s dazzling synth compositions, Mossebo is an album that is both electronic and organic at its core. Barra’s childhood journies through India led her to a deep appreciation of the folk music of different cultures, and that passion comes through on these tracks to express an array of emotions that range from soothing, to forboding, to uplifting; difficult emotions to convey in the world of electronic music.

While he is best known as the creative force behind the popular electronica dance project Sally Shapiro, Johan Agebjörn proves on Mossebo that he is not afraid of the darker and deeper spaces – in fact, he seems quite at home in those spaces, indeed.