Morning City


1   Down To The Pier

2   On The Fire Escape

3   Freight

4   Reflecting Metal Cycles

5   Water

6   On The Fire Escape Reprise

7   Industrial District

8   Storm Sweeps In

9   Sun Through Afternoon Window

Musique Concréte influenced artist Mystified (aka Thomas Park) presents Morning City, a musically expressed sound collage inspired by the struggle and hope one can feel living in an American urban setting. The substance of this audio-montage is drawn from a large body of original field recordings that are spliced, mixed and merged with layered piano riffs and unique ambient bass lines, while ever-evolving mechanical drones paint a sonic backdrop for the bustling cityscape.

“These industrial environments are designed to render and convey the experience of living in a larger city at various times and various conditions,” states Mystified. “Morning City strives to evoke the urban environment both as mythic and real.” This creative approach to the more abstract sensibilities of ambient music sculpts noise and found sounds, so common in our daily routines, into form, structure and perspective, extracting space from the space already around us and unveiling a unifying theme that binds us to our modern view of reality.

Morning City is an album that fits squarely into the industrial ambient style. By skillfully blending and enhancing the machine-driven drones, accents and resonances of the evolving city-based soundscapes, Mystified creates a riveting listening experience where the rhythms of the city emerge, pulsing with life and artistic purpose.