Bertrand Nadel



1   Madame Pele & Uncle George

2   Santa-Ana

3   The Trace

4   For Strength and Vision: Part I * Attendre

5   For Strength and Vision: Part II * Vision

6   For Strength and Vision: Part III * Cycles

7   Hoodoos

8   Sunset For The Death Of A Gila Monster

9   For Strength and Vision: Part IV * Descendre

10   Brothers

11   Yaakos Bikahyu

Enter a land of sun-parched earth and spiny unforgiving brush – a land that manifests otherworldly visions haunted by the ancient peoples and creatures of the past. Mohave is the harsh but awe-inspiring mojave desert of the Southwest as revealed through the musical vision of French-born composer Bertrand Nadel. Thundering native drums conjure primordial forces while acoustic guitars, wooden flutes, piano, rattles, and shakers play out the drama of life in the Southwest. Featuring special guest Steve Gorn on wooden flutes.