Darshan Ambient

Lingering Day

FINALIST - ZMR Music Award - Best Chill/Groove Album


1   Snowflake

2   Silver

3   Arc of Angels

4   White Calm

5   Mover

6   Erroneous

7   The Seven Sleepers

8   The Lost Hunter

9   Bee's Fade

10   Hand In The Clouds

11   Kissing Crust

12   Umbra

13   The Seven Sleepers Part 2

14   Lingering Day

15   Reply To Red (Bonus Track) *

16   Enigma (Bonus Track) *

17   * Bonus tracks not included on CD version

As the tenth Darshan Ambient release on the Spotted Peccary label, Lingering Day is the perfect album to mark such a milestone. The album features all the hallmarks that listeners have come to expect from a great Darshan Ambient release; effortless chilled grooves, glowing ambient textures, signature guitar melodies, delicate piano lines, processed electric guitar work, and nuanced synth-string passages are all present and accounted for throughout the fourteen tracks of Lingering Day.

Michael Allison is the lone creative force behind Darshan Ambient, single-handedly composing, performing and recording all of the music himself, and for Lingering Day his skills are in top form. Allison has created what could quite possibly be the ultimate album for Darshan Ambient fans, infusing the tracks with all of the trademark characteristics and nuances that listeners have enjoyed so much from his music over the past fifteen years. The textural ambient soundscapes that dominate tracks like “The Seven Sleepers” “Bee’s Fade” “Hand In The Clouds” and “Umbra” are truly sublime and gorgeous. The upbeat rhythms and skilled guitar work found on “Mover” “Kissing Crust” and “The Seven Sleepers Part 2” are executed with artistry and grace. The easy comfort of “Silver” and “White Calm” wrap the listener in a warm blanket of familiarity, while the jazz-flavored “Erroneous” and “The Lost Hunter” are ideal anthems for a lazy day.

With its serene atmospheres and cinematic orchestrations Lingering Day portrays a true sense of wonder and space, and from the delicate rhythm of “Snowflake” that opens the album with a restrained urgency, to the ambient textural title track that closes the album by slowly stretching time to savor those final moments, Lingering Day may very well be the most perfect Darshan Ambient album to date.