Howard Givens / Craig Padilla

Life Flows Water

Finalist - ZMR Music Award - Best Ambient Album


1   Opening To New Perspectives

2   Awakened Consciousness

3   A Step Achieved

4   Reflection and Metamorphosis

5   Tide of the Opposition Moon

6   Life Flows Water

7   Shavasana

Life Flows Water is a collaboration between Spotted Peccary Music‘s founder and creative guru Howard Givens (Brain Laughter) and SPM veteran electronic virtuoso Craig Padilla. It is a meditation in form, opening and closing with tones from a Tibetan bowl, and flowing, evolving continuously through seven impressions of deeply nuanced ambient electronic artistry.  Featuring a profound array of electronic instruments from classic vintage and modular synths to modern digital keyboards, this delicately choreographed work is really about inward expansiveness – like true meditation – focused on a purity and simplicity in an abstract fulness.

The music is inspired by the moments and experiences that brought these artists together for this collaboration, and b