Between Interval


FINALIST - "Best Album Cover Art" - OMWR Awards


1   The Tunnel

2   On Track

3   Accelerant **

4   The Hour Appointed *

5   Septimal Laws **

6   Fields of Neptune

7   The Outer Shell

8   Gravity Core

9   Inner Guidance

10   Closing In *

11   * Bonus track (not on vinyl version)

12   ** Track extended for digital & CD versions

• Available as Limited Edition Color Vinyl LP
• Extended edition available on CD & all download formats
• Vinyl LP gets immediate download of extended edition

Between Interval’s long-awaited fifth studio album, LEGACY, is an exploration into the vast unknown. The meticulously crafted tracks offer sonic glimpses at the wonders of the universe through excursions into electronica, spacemusic, Berlin school, and elements of dub techno; all presented with the instantly recognizable sound palette that makes each Between Interval album so special.

The synth sequences and arpeggiations featured throughout the album give movement to deep ambient soundscapes, while atmospheric textures support nuanced melodies, and electro-spacial events weave their way through subharmonic bass pulses, all of which create mysterious worlds of sound that await discovery.

The album’s breathtaking artwork, by acclaimed visual artist Michal Karcz, reinforces the mysterious nature of the music without revealing too much. Stefan Strand, the creative force behind Between Interval, explains, “I always want the listeners to make up their own stories and pictures while listening to my music. Hence I really don’t want to explain my own thoughts in too much detail, since I don’t want to limit or ‘lock in’ the musical experience in a particular direction. The more imagination spurred from my music, the better. That being said, for me this album is really a journey. Whether it’s an inner spiritual journey, a journey through space or to various mysterious locations on our earth, it doesn’t really matter – it’s up to the listener to decide.”

Regardless of the details filled in by the listener’s imagination, the overarching theme of LEGACY is one of exploration; discovering what lies beyond the next horizon or boundary, facing the next challenge. The human desire to push farther and keep exploring is the legacy of mankind, and whether reaching for the stars, or diving ever inward, it resides deep within each individual, propelling the voyage through a space called home.