Chris Russell



1   Beginnings

2   Life’s Journey

3   Dream Fragments

4   In the Maze

5   Lunation

6   The Vision

LABYRINTH, Chris Russell’s debut solo release on Spotted Peccary Music, features a mosaic of constantly and methodically evolving synthesizer pads. Drawing back soft curtains of sound, Russel subtly illuminates the symbolic spiritual journey reflected in the project’s title.

“Labyrinths have been in use for over 4000 years,” Russell explains. “Their basic design is fundamental to nature, as well as many cultures and religious traditions. Whatever one’s religion…walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight. It calms people in the throes of life’s transitions. Each of the tracks on this album is to represent different twists and turns on the journey to the center and back. An audio soundtrack for Circling to the Center of oneself.”

Indeed, LABYRINTH is a subdued but enveloping work that, like some of Russell’s influences – Steve Roach, Max Corbacho and Darshan Ambient – is an immersive experience, not sparse in sound or texture, but filled with waves of rich harmonic color that move through light and darkness, facilitating a deep sense of relaxation and contemplation.