Impossible Landscape


1   Aether

2   Fractal Dimension

3   Fluid in Blue (featuring Zefora)

4   Planum

5   Movements

6   Illuminated by Ultraviolet

7   Thought Drop

8   Falling Through (featuring Zefora)

9   Astral Body

10   Aphelion

11   Quantum Teleportation

DeeperNET, the high-energy electronic project of Portland, OR based musician Andrew Miles, presents Impossible Landscape, the project’s second full length release on the Spotted Peccary sub label O3E. This intricate, powerful electronic soundscape pulses and probes with mesmerizing detail, provoking abstract senses of terra firma on alien worlds.

From downtempo grooves to lush ambient meditations and washed-out acoustic elements, this cross genre release deftly weaves haunting melodies and motives across more viscous atmospheres of custom crafted software and hardware instruments, only occasionally extracted by the very organic dream-like vocals of guest artist ZEFORA.

Impossible Landscape begins with “Aether” which is a departure from last year’s One.  Exploring new grounds of IDM, and downtempo, the album still retains sonic signatures of DeeperNET’s sound.  Powerful synth layers and sequences fade into wild and complex rhythms which pull the listener in to the second track, “Fractal Dimension.”  The soft touches of ambient build to extreme moments of climax, a journey seamlessly choreographed into a multiverse of sounds.  “Fluid In Blue” unveils the ethereal voice of ZEFORA on yet another complex expansion of acoustic and synthetic instruments, and crafted sound design.  Impossible Landscape keeps its vast momentum until the last moments of “Quantum Teleportation,” a true finale to a dynamic and masterful ambient electronic album.

A work in progress that spans many years, Impossible Landscape represents a destination achieved where alien tapestries synthesize with our human experience.