Radiant Mind / Steve Roach



1   Sphere 1

2   Sphere 2

3   Sphere 3

4   Sphere 4

5   Sphere 5

6   Sphere 6

7   Sphere 7

8   Sphere 8

Radiant Mind is an artist working in anonymity with Steve Roach as the producer, interface and on this release, collaborator. Presented in 8 parts flowing forth in a continuous stream, HelioSphere embraces the sonic art form of pure space music – wondrous and expansive.

Radiant Mind first discovered the calling to create with synthesizers by finding inspiration starting with the formative early days of the pioneering radio show Music From The Hearts Of Space. Over time, Radiant Mind’s desire would evolve to create a potent blend of soundscapes for personal healing and extended mediation sessions.

Over the course of 2018, Steve carved on Heliosphere’s production, mixing and additional synth spaces; Howard Givens provides the final mastering.