John Gregorius

Heaven and Earth


1   Heaven & Earth

2   Mercy

3   Sackcloth to Ashes

4   Follow Me

5   Pearl of Great Price

6   Vine & Branches

7   Secret to Light

8   Debt Undone

9   Inner Room

10   New Wine

Heaven and Earth, the debut release from John Gregorius, is a mixture of acoustic and electric instrumental music that ranges from earthy finger style guitar to ambient textural soundscapes.

The easy sound of Heaven and Earth provides a soft cushion in which one can hide away and decompress. However, this is not, by any means, a collection of lullabies as much as it is a grouping of beautifully performed compositions that allow the listener to slow down, feel comfortable, relax and truly appreciate the beauty of life’s often overlooked interludes.

The music combines Gregorius’ love of both the acoustic and ambient electric g