J. Arif Verner

From A Distant Horizon (Remastered)

FINALIST - "Best New Age Album" - OMWR Awards


1   Follow the Stream Entry

2   Heart of the Pearl

3   From a Distant Horizon

4   Reflections in the Memory Garden

5   In the Color of Air

6   Hermetica

7   Between The Divide

8   Floating in Amniotic Fluid

9   The Second Attention

10   Thought Forms

Restored from the original mixes and remastered to the highest standards, J. Arif Verner’s classic 2005 album “From A Distant Horizon” is enriched with refined clarity and depth on this newly remastered edition from the Spotted Peccary Music label.

Using sound as color and space as texture, J. Arif Verner paints a scenery that is vast and expansive, where acoustic and electronic instruments seamlessly intertwine and floating atmospheres melt into dynamic, pulsing rhythmic images. Verner, joined by virtuoso percussionists Mar Gueye and Jeff Haynes, has sculpted music that feeds the soul and replenishes the body. A powerful mix of blended electronic and acoustic space/ambient music.