Jon Jenkins


FINALIST - AFIM INDIE AWARD - Best Instrumental Ambient/Electronic Album
FINALIST - NAV AWARD - Best Ambient/Space/Electronic Album


1   From The Spring

2   Into A World Of Wonder

3   Flow

4   Night Drifting Through Black Canyon

5   Cross Over

6   The Power / Washed Away

7   Breathing In The Deep

8   A Word With The Vine

9   Blood And Water

10   Part Of The Solution

11   Ebb

Delving deep into the viscosity of life, Jon Jenkins masterfully engages the metaphor of water to ponder the fabric of existence with his powerful second release. Delicately crafted and sculpted soundscapes of sublime keyboard textures combine with the ambient electric guitars of Jeff Pearce, David Helpling, and Howard Givens, which along with occasional percussion create moments of subtlety and power. This is a profound listening experience that is both dramatic and introspective, and ultimately inescapable.