Fire Opal

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1   Vinesong

2   The Shepherdess

3   Lunar Cinema

4   Cold White Smoke

5   Fire Opal

6   El Viajero

7   La Extraña

Electronic artist Massergy makes his Spotted Peccary debut with FIRE OPAL, an inspired and colorful take on ambient music filled with evocative instrumentation and lush resonant textures. Recorded and mixed entirely outdoors, solely at night and in all weather conditions, Fire Opal is a hopeful and magical album of intoxicating soundscapes and flowing atmospheres.

Inspired by the fire opal of Mexican folklore – a stone that is said to have powers offering its bearer healing, protection, and safe passage through ceremonial journeys – Eric Jensen, Massergy’s sole creative force, uses guitars, synths and electronics to create a vivid sonic world where dynamic tranquility mingles with delicate ambience. Drifting layers of synth and ambient guitar are embellished by percolating patterns of keyboard, harmonics, guitar, bass, and an assortment of expressive acoustics, to create music that may bring to mind firefly tracers in a dark forest, glints of sunlight piercing gray clouds, or a warm crackling fire that shoots sparks of electricity into the night sky.

Using analog, digital, and hybrid hardware exclusively, Jensen performed, recorded, and mixed Fire Opal entirely outdoors without the use of sequencers, loops, software, or plugins; a computer was deployed only as a recording device to capture the performances. “My ‘studio’ is a small elevated balcony in the middle of a nature preserve, essentially my back yard” Jensen explains. “The preserve is home to several coyotes, owls, deer and other creatures. Think 2 a.m. with a huge sky full of stars, eerie moonlight, and the sounds of strange creatures. I can see my own breath, there’s a light mist in the air, it’s very sleepy; that’s the kind of atmosphere where my magical moments often occur.” Additionally, no sound edits or manipulations were made after the fact, so all of the tracks on Fire Opal sound exactly as they did the night they were originally born.

Alluring and captivating, Fire Opal burns with an irresistible magic, illuminating a rich musical pathway filled with mystery and tranquil beauty.