Green Isac



1   Siamese Drum

2   Ahab

3   Black Hands, White Skin

4   Dr. Talks Bagpipe

5   Man vs. Lion

6   Ambino

7   Subman

8   Stunned by the Drum

9   Zu-puls

10   Goodbye, Mr. Kernel

11   New Shoes

12   Adm. Bulctow

13   Tubesontoo

Green Isac crosses the highly popular Electronic dance energy with the traditional world elements of the west-African grooves from Gambia, layered with Asian textures and minimalist structural influences, inspired by composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich. This outstanding new work features sophisticated electronic grooves, crafted textures and treatments, constrained melodic motifs, west-African drum grooves, wordless vocals, and a wide array of acoustic and percussion instruments. Green Isac is where ethnic percussion meets vintage synths, where bowed strings meet pottery.