Erik Wøllo

Elevations (special remastered edition) Editor's Top Ten Best of Year Pick
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1   Elevation

2   Blue Odyssey

3   The Wanderer

4   Evolution

5   Sphere - Into the Dream

6   Red Odyssey

7   Novalis

8   A Sea of Steps

9   Skyscape

10   Green Odyssey

11   Arrow of Time

12   The Land of Birds

13   The Hidden End

Remastered in 24-bit clarity from the original mixes, Erik Wøllo‘s powerfully evocative classic album, Elevations, is now available as a special remastered edition download-only release.

Built upon an ambient foundation, Elevations is a synthetic album with an organic heart that delivers clear beats, and rich refrains. Graceful chiming themes ring out against ambient textures and delicate chord structures, while Wollo’s leading melodies call forth visions of lonely landscapes. Programmed beats drive much of the music, working in tandem with sequenced patterns that are restful and set deep into the sound. Elevations brings to mind a panoramic spaciousness and a sense of crisp air, and the possibility of frost broken by warm waves of tones that gently suffuse everything like the sun breaking through cloud.