Chris Russell



1   Echoes

2   Radium

3   Orix

4   Varuna

5   Nilium

6   Sparse

7   Odjek

8   Transverter

9   Abandoned

Ambient sound-sculptor Chris Russell applies an experimental edge to the ambient electronic genre with ECHO, his second solo release on the Spotted Peccary label. Through the use of custom software and improvised tools, Russell has created a visually compelling sound tapestry that ripples and reflects with abstract excitement and curiosity. Focused heavily on sound design, captured field recordings, electronics, and found sounds, Russell’s sci-fi inspired audioscape is a stimulating aural environment of immersive spaces that calls to mind the haunting cinematic works of Stanley Kubrick or Ridley Scott. 

Throughout ECHO, textured and minimal atmospheres are layered with haunting effects, slowly morphing into melodic passages that develop from near nothingness to substantial and meaningful sonic narratives. As Russell states, “From the void, came the sound. This music is an experience with the intention to take the listener on a journey.” It is in fact a colorful journey emanating from the depths of an artist’s mind, echoing outward – yet simultaneously folding inward – through spaces of mystery, peace, tension, and solitude.