Spotted Peccary Artists Series

Dreams & Shadows


1   Before Dawn (Deborah Martin)

2   At The Edge Of Calm Waters - I (Mark Rownd)

3   Blue Lake (Deborah Martin)

4   Breathing In The Deep (Jon Jenkins)

5   A Luminous Touch (J. Arif Verner)

6   Painting Twilight (Mark Rownd)

7   Loss Of Words (David Helpling)

8   Eyes Of Azure (Mark Rownd)

9   All Things End (David Helpling)

Since the mid-1980′s, the Spotted Peccary Music record label has been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra high quality, deep listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. With a deeper focus on quality and artistry first and foremost, the Spotted Peccary label has discovered and produced some of the finest instrumental releases of the past 25 years, setting standards and pushing boundaries in the process.

Dreams & Shadows is a warm collection of deep ambient and textural pieces from Spotted Peccary’s late 90’s catalog, highlighting a time when the label was incorporating etherial atmospheric and ambient spacemusic into the mix of releases on a regular basis.

Dreams & Shadows is a rewarding look back at an exciting time when Spotted Peccary’s dedication to music and art began to flourish, and the exploration of deeper spaces began to thrive.