Rudy Adrian

Desert Realms


1   Saguaro Silhouette

2   Pathway

3   Desert Realms

4   Circling Hawk

5   Fading Light

6   Subterranean River

7   Cloudburst

8   Starlight

9   Of Clouds and Mountains

10   Rocks Under Moonlight

11   At the Edge of the Desert

Rudy Adrian‘s Lotuspike debut, MoonWater, was a beautifully crafted study in deeply serene and contemplative soundscapes. His follow-up release, Desert Realms, follows that same stylistic path, exploring the spectacular stillness and vast landscape of the American Southwest desert.

Explains Rudy, “I was fortunate to spend a weekend exploring The Arches and Canyon Lands National Parks in Utah, USA. My tour guides were electronic musician Robert Carty and his partner Patricia Sandoval, who showed me a number of their favourite locations in the North American desert. On returning to New Zealand I became interested in creating music inspired by that journey.”

Rudy’s compositions are by themselves both vast and serene, but an additional level of emotion is provided by the poignant and moving flute expressions of Nick Prosser on a few of the tracks. Prosser’s stirring musical statements interact with Rudy’s vast soundscapes, filling the spectacular sonic vista with just the right amount of life and feeling; reminding the listener that although the desert realms may appear at first stark and barren, they are in fact full of life and captivating beauty.