1   Looking Glass

2   Jupiter

3   Nocturne

4   Oxygen

5   Ladybird

6   Quercus

7   Green Fridge

8   Metronome

9   Parting

10   Min Ros

Some of the most original, intriguing, and experimental electronica can be found in the music of the UK-based duo Northcore. Creative partners Carl Gibbons and Jana Tillotson have released Desatero, which takes its name from a Czech word meaning “a set of ten works.” Each of the ten compositions on the album is a distinct impressionistic soundscape with its own story and inspiration, reflecting the artistic vision and production style of the duo.

Desatero is Northcore’s premiere release on Spotted Peccary’s O3E imprint. This compelling collection of exquisitely recorded sound paintings combines electronic ambient, ethno-inspired, acoustic, and sometimes upbeat sources into a mystical and intriguing whole that should appeal to fans of Biosphere, Bat for Lashes, Pete Namlook, Peter Gabriel, and Air. One of the most fascinating elements of their music is the use of “found sound” or the integration of non musical elements such as: footsteps crunching in the snow, birds singing, simulated hospital sounds, city hum from the 19th floor of a Bangkok hotel, various antique time pieces, and scientific recordings of the magnetic fields of Jupiter converted into sound, to name but a few. Blended with sensuous synthesizers, sequencers, electronic blips and bleeps, ethereal female vocals and more, a psychedelic wonderland unfolds in the mind of the listener. According to Northcore’s Carl Gibbons: “The ten pieces differ vastly in colour and scope, but I believe they do have the same spirit underlying their realization and production – one which is fiercely creative, driven to excellence, sometimes challenging, but filled with warmth.”

While the term “unique” may be over-used, there are times when it is the perfect word to describe something not seen or heard before. The music of Northcore is in a league of its own and propels the listener on a fantastic journey into spaces of imagination that spans a creative spectrum. Immediately intoxicating, this highly crafted work ushers in a new experience in the diverse world of electronic music that is poignantly human, organic, and inspiring, identifying Northcore as a preeminent electronic group for the present world … and for the future individual.