Deborah Martin

Deep Roots, Hidden Water (remastered)


1   Haunted by Water

2   A Dark and Silent Place

3   Deep Roots, Hidden Water

4   One Sun

5   Crossing Plateau

6   Blue Lake

7   The Strength of Stones

8   Voices on the Rim

9   The Brilliance of Stars

10   Across Sky

Pondering the paths of how we exist, Deborah Martin explores the lingering legacy of the ancients – the imprint of footsteps throughout the ages and the contemplation of the past and present together as one.

Deep Roots Hidden Water, Deborah Martin’s out of print second solo album, returns in a very special re-mastered edition – a fresh perspective on a classic timeless work. On this authentic 24 bit remaster, the sensitivity and grace of the original mixes shine through with a warmth and clarity not heard on the original release.

Deborah, together with special guests Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) and Coyote Oldman (award-winning Native American flute duo), creates an electronic soundworld filled with lyrical synth melodies, pulsing string trances and lush chordal movements, and on this painstaking restoration, the depth and serenity of the music is even more hauntingly beautiful and sublimely powerful than the original version.

“My original intent was to create a soundworld filled with layers invoking a dreamlike sense of floating in time, a depth of feel” Deborah states, “I am thrilled that we now can present this new re-mastered version that captures the essence of the music’s intended expression and vision.”